Tax Day Reminder: Lower is usually better for Orlando

Today is tax day, and as we all push our way through the process let’s take a look at the tax climate around us.

Florida has thrived in recent years because our low taxes allow businesses to bring their jobs here and grow. We also have a balanced budget which allows us to use those revenues responsibly. This approach works when done properly, it’s important to remember that as more politicians try to look to revenues as an easy way to solve problems, instead of cutting back on waste and redundancy.

Lets bring it back level for a moment. While lower taxes are usually better, it’s important to ensure that tax breaks and incentives are not being abused by those same companies. We’ve had our share of companies exercise those benefits and then bolt without delivering.

We should also be reminded that if we’re considering raising taxes, then we should let the people put it to a vote. It’s their money after all, and tax increases for education or important community services will usually be the will of the voters if recent initiatives are any proof.

So as we put another tax day behind us, let’s reflect on what works and what doesn’t, this will keep us involved as the government continues spending your hard earned money, in what is hopefully a responsible manner.

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