Clever marketing continues to give retro sodas a second chance for public approval

Today, Coca-Cola announced it’s bringing back New Coke as a toast to the third season of the 80’s-centric NetFlix series “Stranger Things.”

It’s a fun idea and the latest to give a failed soda a second chance in front of the public.

You see, New Coke was not a success, in fact, it was pulled from the shelves not too long after being introduced. I was too young to remember New Coke (really I was) but it was widely rejected because the traditional Coca-Cola recipe was fine and didn’t need any changes.

But for Stranger Things, Generation X will give it a shot, and a new generation of fans will be able to experience it (if they can track it down).

The truth is New Coke is just the latest in a line of retro sodas brought back by clever marketing.

Crystal Pepsi was brought back in 2016 and while it too was hard to find, I bought it whenever I could. I actually like Crystal Pepsi back in the 90s and enjoyed it during it’s second run too.

Surge, which was marketed as the most extreme of sodas couldn’t pull consumers away from other drinks like Mountain Dew Recently, it was brought back and most of the feedback I’ve read is positive.

New Coke will be a test on it’s own. The fact we’re talking about it is already a marketing win for both NetFlix and Coca-Cola, but will the actual beverage be able to find redemption with the other resurrected products? We’ll see.

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