Here are Five Take Aways from the 2020 Golden Globes

The 2020 Golden Globes are in the books and if you read my preview (story HERE) and pretty much every other primer out there, you’ll realize there weren’t many surprises.

And with the deep field of talent this year, that’s okay.

Some takeaways:

Phoenix and Zellweger take top acting honors as expected: The stars of “Joker” and “Judy” got their trophies and you won’t hear too many complaints. While I maintain the former isn’t a good film, Joaquin Phoenix gave it his all and everyone could see that.

No love for “The Irishman”: Like I said in the primer, this is a good film but we’ve seen this group make a similar movie like this before and at over three hours, it’s no easy watch. Instead, the Hollywood Foreign Press gave their love to 1917, the Sam Mendez World War I epic.

The crowd favorites had a good night: No one was rooting against Brad Pitt in “Once Upon a time in Hollywood” or Awkwafina for “The Farewell” and they had their names called. On the TV side, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and “Fleabag” got the win as expected. They gave the crowd what they wanted and that doesn’t always happen.

There were some academic wins too: Taron Egerton in “Rocketman” and Laura Dern for “Marriage Story” simply had performances that were too strong to ignore. The same for Olivia Coleman and “The Crown”. This trio beat out the trendy picks in each of their categories.

Expect the Academy to go a different way: The Globes are expected to be a preview of the Oscars, but there is just too much talent this year and the reduced number of categories at the Academy Awards means some people will be left on the outside looking in. Even possibly some of tonight’s winners.

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