The latest Marvel marketing technique is brilliant, and maybe a little mean

Avengers: Endgame continues mowing through box office records, here in Orlando, today is the likely first day when you can watch the film at a decent hour in a theater that isn’t close to being sold out.

It’s a real possibility that you haven’t seen the movie. Disney owned Marvel isn’t waiting.

Today, they dropped the latest trailer for Spiderman: Far from home, the first film that takes place after Endgame.

Unfortunately, the trailer contains spoilers for Endgame, and you’re advised not to watch the trailer if you haven’t seen the box office smashing film.

Pretty brutal. Right?

Maybe you’re not a fanatic. Maybe you don’t want to watch the film in a packed theater sandwiched next to a smelly, texting, stranger.

That’s too bad. Time is up. The bus is leaving without you, and that bus is being driven by Spiderman.

From a business perspective for Marvel, it’s brilliant. This forces those who are holding out to go and watch the film if they want that unspoiled experience preserved.

Marvel is slowly perfecting the art of continuous movie revenue. Captain Marvel, the Brie Larson vehicle that was the final film before Endgame continued bringing in the dollars until last weekend, and even jumped back up to number 2 behind Endgame from theater overflow ticket sales.

It’s not just the Spiderman trailer either. The entire spoiler embargo for Endgame is getting lifted today. There will be key shots from the story everywhere.

This after only 10 days of being in theaters and on the first day in Orlando you’ll be able to watch the film with some breathing room.

HERE is the trailer for Spiderman, but hey, don’t watch it if you haven’t seen Endgame.

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