The men do get much more country music airtime in Orlando than the women, at least when I checked

Last week, the Country Music Awards celebrated women in the genre with an excellent program with some of the best to ever do it. There was some controversy. First, Garth Brooks was awarded Entertainer of the Year despite many insiders predicting a Carrie Underwood win, and then there was the Jennifer Nettles outfit on the red carpet that said “Play our *expletive* records. Please and thank you.”(story HERE).

I listen to country music here in Orlando almost every day.

That lead me to the following experiment. I visited the two major country stations in the market during prime time and ran a count of male to female artists. The totals were decidedly one sided.

The totals?

Male songs: 24
Female songs: 6

Some notes.

Three artists got played on both stations. Kid Rock (yes, that one we’re all tired of), Luke Combs, and Kelsea Ballerini.

“What If” by Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina played. I checked both columns for that duet track.

By these numbers, the concerns here in the Orlando market are valid.

We do have to remember some things. These are just one count during prime time. I can tell you sometimes those numbers go up and down depending on what’s charting at that moment in time.

Still, Jennifer Nettles was right.

This is all about money. Support the artists you like. Make change happen with your wallet.

Over the past month, we’ve seen two great country concerts here in Orlando. We had Garth Brooks in Sanford and Miranda Lambert at the Amway Center.

Orlando is still a great market for country music.

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