The recent writing on Game of Thrones hasn’t been bad, we’ve just been spoiled

There are no spoilers in this article concerning the May 12th episode of Game of Thrones

In case you haven’t heard, the second to last episode of Game of Thrones aired last night and there were some fans that were unhappy about the direction taken by show runners regarding one of the programs’ main characters.

They called it poor character development. A wasted investment of time in an angle of the story. A lost opportunity for a successful build leading up to one of the most highly anticipated television finales in history.

Goodness. We are terribly spoiled aren’t we.

We’ve had feature length episodes consisting of some of the largest battles ever put to film. Incredible dialog between gifted performers. High notes that have left crowds cheering, low points that have left those same crowds in tears.

But we’re still not happy.

The change of direction regarding this character has been teased for years. We chose not to accept these “red flags” because we liked this character and believed they could be the savior of the entire series.

We were being warned. We just didn’t listen. Some of us chose not to listen.

This program has always revolved around horrible events. Beloved characters that were given grizzly deaths. Terrible “insult to injury” moments involving a breakdown of a protagonists’ psyche. Regular triumphs of villany that would lead one to believe the show was being written for them and a cruel trick was being played on all of us.

Yet we act completely shocked when we see events like last night.

Even further, we’re prepared to write-off the entire final season and label a finale we haven’t seen yet a failure.

We are going to miss this show when it’s gone. We’re getting spin-offs, but what are the chances they match this kind of experience? Not very good.

Let’s have some real talk here.

We didn’t like last night’s Game of Thrones because it was poorly written. We didn’t like last night’s Game of Thrones because it wasn’t written the way we wanted it.

To quote another character from the show’s past,”If you think this ends well, you haven’t been paying attention.”

When the show concludes next week, let’s be prepared to celebrate what has been a feat of television excellence. It may not have always been perfect but it’s been a terrific journey.

Even if you didn’t enjoy it’s final steps.

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