What’s Trending In Orlando? : Space X Bump, Iota, and Holiday Vibes

What’s trending today in Orlando are all matters that are highly time sensitive, with a space mission bumped, another severe weather system in the Caribbean and questions over what the holidays this year will look like.

Space X Launch was moved to Sunday after concerns over the weather. The four person crewed mission to the International Space Station will be only the second manned launch in the last nine years from Florida and is expected to draw a large crowd from the entire region (story HERE).

Tropical Storm Iota is heading to Central America as the region continues to recover from being hit by Eta. If Iota follows Eta’s path, it could potentially reverse course and head back towards the Florida region and other parts of the Caribbean. Stay with your local weather news for the latest.

What about Thanksgiving?The COVID pandemic isn’t over but some families are wondering what to do about the holidays this year. Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and as families began to prepare, some decisions over how large these gatherings should be will have to be made.

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