Trump campaign beginning repeat of strategy that won him Florida last time here in Orlando

President Donald Trump will reportedly be in Orlando next month to rally with supporters here in “The Heart of the I4 corridor” (story HERE). While we still have almost a year and a half until the voters head to the polls, Trump understands how important a head start in Central Florida is.

The effect of a Trump rally has a particular effect on the Florida electorate. While he typically holds his events in blue areas like downtown Orlando, UCF, and Kissimmee, the President draws supporters from all rural areas around these locations.

And it’s enough supporters to fill big venues too. Airfields, fairgrounds, and probably the Amway Center, where the next rally could take place too. 

These are the ones often forgotten in polling. These voters are why we thought Clinton would win Florida back in 2016, before Trump surprised everyone instead. 

The President knows this. His campaign knows this. And Democrats should know this by now. 

And if you’ve never been to a Trump rally before, he feeds off of protesters and teases them as their thrown out. Unfortunately, the media (many of them general assignment reporters with no political standing) get harassed as well, while they sit in a pen in the middle of the floor. I’ve been there.

This is what gets his base excited. It’s what helped him win last time and what he’s hoping for this time. 

At least he recognizes how important Central Florida is. The only other contender in the 2020 contest to visit Orlando so far was former Vice President, Joe Biden, who attended a fundraiser here earlier this month.

The other two dozen potential Trump opponents are too worried about the early states to even drop in on a gala being hosted by Florida Democrats here next month (story HERE).

Realistically, both campaigns will be zipping up and down I4 in the final days before the 2020 elections. We’ve seen it for years now, but Trump’s team knows what it takes to win Florida, and he’s taking the first steps here in Orlando next month.

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