American Business explains why Anna Jay is succeeding with Dark Order and Colt Cabana is not

The Dark Order is my favorite part of AEW programming right now. The truth is that it’s hard to find that pro wrestling balance of being both a despicable villain while at the same time also being really easy to root for. This group is doing exactly that right now.

And the interesting part involves two of the faction’s recent additions/partners, Anna Jay and Colt Cabana.

The former is succeeding with Dark Order. The latter? Not so much.

What’s funny is that these kind of pass/fail interactions happen with every new hire in the American workplace and directly contributes to either their failure or success.

Let’s break it down by what Anna is doing right and what Colt is not.

Anna Jay has completely bought into the group’s philosophy. Colt Cabana has not: The Dark Order relies on aggressive behavior in the ring. Absolutely no mercy under most circumstances. Anna Jay demonstrated she can adapt to that behavior choking out Brandi Rhodes and calling herself the “queen slayer”. Colt Cabana has hesitated, and that hesitation has resulted in Dark Order losing a couple of matches.

When beginning in a new company, buying into the organization’s way of doing things is absolutely essential to success. Usually, those that do not, find themselves looking for a new job not long after their leaders discover this.

Colt Cabana can’t build rapport with coworkers, Anna Jay has quickly become a favorite: It wouldn’t surprise me if Cabana was eating his lunch in the bathroom stall. His only friend is Evil Uno. Meanwhile, the boss, Mr. Brodie Lee loves Anna Jay and so do the others in the group.

A new job can quickly become a lonely place if you can’t build relationships and find friends. Relationships are important. Employees simply won’t invest if they’re not working. Dark Order is already talking behind Cabana’s back and that seldom leads to a promising future in a company.

Anna Jay is contributing and recruiting. Cabana doesn’t even look the part
: Anna Jay helps direct traffic backstage when she’s not wrestling and is even trying to get her friend Tay Conti to join Dark Order. Cabana still insists on his own style and has to wait to be told things.

This isn’t so much a culture thing. This is a plain good employee vs. bad employee scenario. It’s no wonder why Jay is thriving since joining the group and Cabana can’t find his way. Most of us would rather work with someone who is doing their part in the office.

Wrestling may be per-determined, but sometimes there are lessons to be taken away that could applied to what we do everyday. In this case, these lessons could make the difference on whether you’re succeeding or failing at your job.

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