Lackluster #SNF match up and uncompetitive #NBAFinals might send fans to bed early Sunday Night

We’ve had better match ups. But I suppose in this pandemic world we should be grateful to have any sports at all.

That’s what NBC and ABC will hope for when they respectively roll out an underwhelming Sunday Night Football game, and an NBA Finals series that most experts agree is already over.

The San Francisco 49ers will take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL’s first prime time offering of the week. This game looked great before the season started but both teams are facing a great deal of challenges to start the season.

Philadelphia has yet to find victory this season. Many are blaming quarterback, Carson Wentz, who’s had a hard time finding his receivers and throwing multiple interceptions during the team’s first three games. The Eagles currently have two losses and a tie last weekend to an also struggling Cincinnati Bengals squad.

The 49ers are doing slightly better but have a roster that reads like an infirmary with multiple injuries to key players like quarterback, Jimmy Garappolo, and pass rusher, Nick Bosa, who is lost for the season.

Hardly what we’ve become to used to after Seahawks vs. Patriots and Saints vs. Packers so far this year on Sunday Night.

Then there is game 3 of the NBA finals where the Los Angeles Lakers are up two games against an also hobbled Miami Heat. No one gave Miami a chance to win this series (story HERE) and with injuries to Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo that allowed them to miss game 2, this early deficit might be too much for star Jimmy Butler and coach Eric Spoelstra to overcome.

We’re also stuck without playoff baseball that night too.

These match ups may just send fans to be early to get a jump on the first work week of October in what has been just a plain exhausting year,

If there is a bright side it’s that the NFL has an awesome Thursday Night Match up with Bucs vs Bears and game four will bring NBA fans back to the table to watch LeBron potentially win his fourth championship in what would be a grand gesture to honor the late, great, Kobe Bryant (post HERE).

There is also that missing Chiefs vs. Patriots game that needs to be rescheduled that should still be a good game despite Cam Newton testing positive for COVID.

Things like Sunday night happen. We’re not fortune tellers and we can only predict how good teams will perform only so well. Tomorrow night may be a snoozer but fans will be back Monday Night for Packers and Falcons (Pack always draw well and the Falcons are a soap opera) along with Monday Night Raw, their last show before the draft.

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