WOTT: Possible coronation of LeBron in NBA Finals, WWE Draft on Smackdown

Friday night network TV will be for the sports fans, where we could see another sports league wrap up it’s unprecedented season in the midst of a pandemic, and the WWE beginning one of their most exciting annual roster shake ups.

LeBron James has the opportunity to win his fourth championship and take another step towards Michael Jordan’s level, should the Los Angeles Lakers close out the Miami Heat in game five of the NBA finals tonight. A victory would also be a celebration of Kobe Bryant with his old team winning the championship following his death at the beginning of the year, and to a lesser extent draw praise to the NBA for completing it’s season with little incident inside the bubble at Disney World during the Coronavirus pandemic.

ABC probably wouldn’t mind this series lasting a bit longer. It’s a ratings winner for sure and game 6 would steal some eyeballs from Sunday Night Football.

“Who will go where?” Is the question all wrestling fans will be asking when the WWE begins their draft, where superstars will be eligible to switch between the blue brand on Friday night and the red brand being Monday Night Raw.

Draft agents will be played out by FOX executives (including the crowd favorite, Football Robot) and leaders from USA. Really, they’re usually stock actors who’s performance is usually shredded by internet trolls.

But it’s still fun.

Non sports fans will be left doing some searching. Streaming recommendations online drawing high praise include Ratched on NetFlix, The Boys on Amazon, and of course you can catch up on The Mandalorian before the season 2 premiere in 11 days.

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