The Milwaukee Bucks should absolutely consider going after Chris Paul

The buzz is already out there. Not long after the Milwaukee Bucks fell to the Miami Heat yesterday, word came that the Bucks could consider going after Oklahoma City Thunder guard and likely future Hall Of Famer Chris Paul (story HERE).

They should do it.

This is because their window is closing. There isn’t much time left and fans need a big move for a proven leader to demonstrate that they’re serious about winning. Now. Chris Paul almost shocked the world by taking his former Houston Rockets team to the limit. Why not bring him to Milwaukee? He’s running out of time. The Bucks are running out of time. He understands the urgency to win now.

That wasn’t the only opinion floating after the Bucks loss yesterday. There were some that believed coach Mike Budenholzer should be fired.

I don’t agree with that diagnosis.

We shouldn’t be firing a coach who has lead his team to the best record in the NBA, and had to coach in a bubble, with communities in his home state divided after a police shooting, and during a pandemic away from family. These have been unprecedented conditions for all of these playoff coaches.

Instead, this team has to focus on getting better. And that begins with picking up the missing pieces. That is a true floor general that can help take Giannis Antetokounmpo to the next level.

Another name being thrown out there? Bradley Beal. How great could that be? But both deals would have to involve moving money around.

But let’s have the talk.

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