The Snoop Dogg ads with Corona Beer have been pretty enjoyable

You like Corona Beer. You like Snoop Dogg. You like the beach.

Why not put them all together? It’s really that easy apparently.

And that’s what’s been done with the latest Corona ads running during the NBA playoffs and prime time wrestling.

It shows the legendary rapper walking down a sunny beach, with a Corona in hand, he looks at the camera and asks.

“Have you ever seen a man in a hurry, while also drinking a Corona? No, you have not. That’s the fine life baby.”

Yes, sir, it is.

The “fine life” campaign has been enjoyable. While funny or cool beer commercials are often a more regular occurrence than say, our friends at certain insurance companies (story HERE), It’s still refreshing to see one that merges a unique personality with it’s product.

You can check out the ad below.

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