NFL TV: Be real, there probably won’t be fans at Lambeau for Packers games this year

Today, the Green Bay Packers announced that there won’t be any fans at Lambeau Field for games this season until Wisconsin’s COVID 19 numbers improved. The news came down around the same time on Tuesday that the state announced they were re-implementing capacity restrictions on businesses (story HERE).

Let’s be real here. You probably won’t be able to see a game at Lambeau Field this year.

Say Wisconsin got their act together tomorrow. It wouldn’t be proven through testing for at least another couple of weeks, and then the state needs to act and inspire some confidence for the team to move forward. I haven’t been here long but I know Madison isn’t in a hurry to do anything. Ask those waiting for unemployment payments from months ago. Then there are the local municipalities filled with politicians that have nothing better to do than to think of redundant restrictions that could hinder things further.

It’s not looking too good. And then we’ve got flu season on deck, which will only lead to more fear and confusion.

On the positive side of things, maybe the Packers are better off the way things have been going.

They’re 4-0 and alone atop the NFC North. And judging the talent around them it’s not even close.
Aaron Rodgers is playing MVP caliber ball with no big names catching his passes (story HERE).

Green Bay really could win it all this year.

The question might be would you risk a Super Bowl Championship for in person games?

Ask yourselves that when you get frustrated by the decision the club made today.

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