Best Buy and WalMart will be pushing more consumers and revenues to Amazon with face mask mandate

This week, big box retailers Best Buy and Wal Mart announced a face mask requirement for all of it’s stores (stories HERE and HERE). If you want to do business with them, bring a mask.

This measure comes as many consumers are already wearing masks in public areas. Including right here in Green Bay, where I’ve been around both stores in the last week and mask use is up much higher than it was a short time ago.

The requirement will only push those against the measure to online commerce. And I’m talking about Amazon.

Both retailers, especially Best Buy, rely on the “buy now” impulse makes people want to get in the car and go get their products now. Its a constant tug of war between provoking that impulse and that laziness that exists in all of us to just order it on Amazon and wait for it.

This won’t really effect WalMart. We could all agree that we wouldn’t mind less crowds when going into the “belly of the beast”.

But for Best Buy, an aging piece of the retail puzzle, they need all of the business they can get. And the often higher prices continue to allow them to lose that impulse verse laziness tug of war.

In the end, they should let their customers decide.

The social responsibility is here admirable. I don’t mind throwing on a mask for a few minutes. But others will. And from the stand point of revenues it’s the wrong decision.

And a decision that will ensure thousands of customers continue their Amazon Prime memberships and avoid the politics and drama altogether.

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