Doris Burke is still winning the Internet during the NBA Playoffs

Doris Burke is one of the most well liked sports broadcasters on television and her analysis from inside the Orlando bubble has gotten people talking on the web on almost every NBA playoff game she’s broadcasted over the past few days.

And that talking has been almost all positive.

Including from her colleague Kendrick Perkins.

And others:

Now she does have her critics. But this isn’t uncommon for sports broadcasters. There are just some people that have nothing better to do with their time than criticize people that talk on TV. Everyone has their haters. Tony Romo, Stephen A. Smith, even Kenny Harlan. It’s not a surprise that Doris has hers as well.

And then she’ll always have Drake. The music superstar wasn’t shy about his crush on Burke back when fans were allowed at games. That raised her profile among viewers who might not always watch basketball on television and were fans of the frequent court side guest of the Toronto Raptors.

Then there is the quirky commentary that includes jokes about past relationships and often clever ways of approaching tough situations on the court.

Doris is also a Curt Gowdy winner in the Basketball Hall Of Fame. They just don’t give those away.

There are only so many other basketball games in a season but I’d wager you’ll see Doris trending again next season as well.

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