Getting Eric Bledsoe reintegrated will be Milwaukee Bucks first challenge in Orlando bubble

On the same week, ESPN declared him one of the best players in the Orlando Bubble (story HERE), we learned Milwaukee Bucks guard, Eric Bledsoe, tested positive for COVID 19 and was unable to join his team in the bubble at all (story HERE).

Thankfully, he is asymptomatic and will be able to join the team down south eventually.

But up to this point, the Bucks’s bubble journey has been mostly positive buzz and videos of Brook Lopez enjoying himself at the Disney resort. Getting Bledsoe ready to go and up to speed after he rejoins the team will be their first challenge.

It shouldn’t be too difficult. Bledsoe is a veteran averaging 15 points a game for the team with the best record in the league.

But hunger in the bubble is present among all of the teams that are there. There is an urgency to win it all this year in this environment that is forcing players to stay away from there loved ones for months at a time.

Will the Bucks be successful? We’re going to know early on. It will be one of the many questions that we’re all waiting for answers on.

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