Green Bay Leaders shouldn’t try to force mask mandate after lack of support by committee

On Monday, Green Bay’s Protection and Policy Committee decided not to send a face mask mandate to the City Council (story HERE). This was due to many of the objections raised here in the past (post HERE).

Inconsistencies. Difficult enforcement. More confusion. You’ve heard all of it before.

You’ve heard all of it before because it’s true.

Now don’t get this twisted. You should wear a mask. We should just wait for a statewide mandate to comedown to avoid a lot of the challenges we’re seeing now.

And when the Protection and Policy Committee decides not to move on something, another government body shouldn’t try to overrule their own resources. Why does the first committee even exist to begin with?

One member of that committee argued that it wasn’t about politics. Well, I can’t think of anything more political than a motion failing to pass, just to have another group ignore that message and attempt to pass that failed motion anyways.

Let’s do this together and wait for an order to come down from Madison. They have more visibility. They have more of an idea of how legal any such mandate would be in Wisconsin.

And let’s not contradict ourselves by forcing a community mandate that we’re not even sure our community wants.

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