It’s not fair to lump Blake Bortles opp with Denver Broncos in with Kap controversy

Blake Bortles is back. Jason Mendoza from “The Good Place” would be ecstatic.

The former Jaguars play caller and UCF standout signed a one year deal with the Denver Broncos after they lost starter Drew Locke to injury this past weekend.

Now, as with all quarterback signings, social media tends to make the same statement every time..

“So quarterback XYZ has a job, meanwhile Colin Kaepernick is still available”

Sometimes it makes sense. Most of the time it does not.

Blake Bortles would be one of those times when it does not.

Unlike some real scrubs in this league, Bortles has demonstrated he can win. He’s been to the NFC Championship and he’s had a 35 touchdown season, throwing for over 4,000 yards.

He did this in Jacksonville, a poorly run team, that has lost most of their first round picks from the last decade and is making their best go at tanking for Trevor Lawrence, even though Gardner Minshew, is keeping them competitive.

He’s also four years younger than Kap and a better fit with the style of offense the Broncos are currently running.

And it’s important to remember that I’m not necessarily trashing Colin Kaepernick here. But he does bring baggage to a team and Denver hasn’t been great recently. Coach Vic Fangio could lose his job if he doesn’t turn things around there in a hurry.

It’s okay to root for Kap and his campaign for social justice.

But ridicule directed at Bortles, who deserves another shot, isn’t this right time.

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