Joe Kelly was wrong for throwing at the Houston Astros after scandal, but he was also kind of right

On Tuesday night, Los Angeles Dodger pitcher, Joe Kelly, brought out the receipts for a baseball world that remains wounded following a cheating scandal by the Houston Astros that compromised the integrity of the World Series.

Kelly threw at Alex Bregman and Jose Correa, talking smack the entire way, and preserving the 5-2 win for the Dodgers in the process.

It was glorious and every baseball fan outside of Houston was cheering.

But it was wrong. Getting hit by baseballs hurt and it’s very dangerous.

But it was also kind of right. Let me explain.

Baseball is a samurai’s sport of honor. Every movement you make matters. And the wrong moves are disrespectful. Flip a bat wrong, run the bases too slowly, bunting with a no hitter, it could all be considered as disrespect and there could be a beamer coming your way.

Cheating during the world series? You’re calling down the wrath of the sports gods.

And lets face it, if it weren’t for COVID this would have happened months ago.

That’s the way it’s always been. Players are coached this way from the jump in little league. You can frown on the culture. Try to change it. Many have and have failed.

Praise Joe Kelly if you like. He was right. He was wrong. Baseball is a weird but wonderful game.

One thing you shouldn’t do is feel sorry for the Astros. They lied to all of us. And then they did a junk job apologizing for it.

So, this endangered baseball season continues. For how long? I also don’t know that.

But for one night, Joe Kelly took the risks to help make one right one wrong.

Even if he was wrong for doing it.

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