Joe Kelly suspension is a quick reminder of problems with MLB beyond Coronavirus

On Wednesday, Major League Baseball suspended Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly for throwing at the Houston Astros after their club cheated to win the World Series and robbing the Dodgers of a championship in the process. You can read my take on Kelly’s actions HERE.

But let’s talk about the tone deaf behavior we’re seeing from MLB here.

Joe Kelly doesn’t hit anyone and gets eight games in the cooler.

But the Houston Astros wreck the integrity of baseball and their players are free to go?

How exactly does that add up?

It’s a reminder of the bad decision making problem MLB has. Even in a world battling COVID 19 (MLB is off to a poor start there too) they’ve done a junk job from the jump this year.

From dealing with the players association, to the configuration of the games, to passing on the bubble model, it’s all been bad for Rob Manfred.

And now they’re being the bad judge. An overreaction if I ever saw one.

The public is letting them have it on social media over this. Good. They deserve it. And you’re talking to someone who typically defends baseball when the critics come for blood.

But boy are they making the job tough today.

The Joe Kelly suspension was overdone. They should dial it down.

And they need to seriously take a look at the other dug out because they’ve done a great job defending the real bad guys here.

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