Last minute drama could help boost ratings for NBC Town Hall with Donald Trump

Over the past 24 hours we’ve seen the drama unfold ahead of the NBC town hall discussion scheduled for Thursday night with President Donald Trump. The event is expected to air opposite a Joe Biden town hall on ABC.

We’ve seen stars of NBC shows ask their network to move or call of the program (story HERE).

We’ve heard Donald Trump himself say he’s being set up by NBC labeling them “the worst” and calling parent company Comcast “Concast”. (story HERE).

And we’ve also seen NBC trending for the worst reasons on social media by those pledging to boycott (they’ll be back in time for SNL about 48 hours later).

For NBC this continues to be good news. All of this drama will only raise interest in a town hall that won’t be much different format wise than what we’ve seen the President due elsewhere. At least according to the plans we’ve seen.

But those other discussions and town halls won’t have this drama attached. And they will have a basically empty television line up to work against (Thursday Night Football was rescheduled because of COVID).

So this could be a win for NBC.

And to a point, ABC, with those who are pledging to carry out their boycott plans and choose them tonight. Although regular ABC Thursday night viewers would tell you they’d rather watch Meredith Grey than either of these two candidates.

We’ve only got a few hours left before the scheduled start. but this buzz while it may sound negative, is only getting more people’s attention. While it won’t be the political dumpster fire we saw in the first debate, it could make for dramatic TV.

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