Let’s talk about how great Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre were on Smackown this week

If you happened to be watching Friday Night Smackdown on FOX last night, you had a terrific time watching a great “go home” show before Survivor Series this Sunday.

And if you’re like me, then you definitely enjoyed the contract signing between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre ahead of their champion vs. champion match at Survivor Series.

Both of these guys, who have just upped their game so much over the past year, just put on a clinic in wrestling promos during their contract signings. An often overdone and predictable ceremony in wrestling.

Not this time.

You had reigns, who has gone from an unliked “face” or good guy, that was getting booed during every appearance he had a couple of years ago, solidify his place among the best villains or heels in wrestling right now and right now, he is the best.

“I am your tribal chief and I am the head of the table.” he said to McIntyre during the sit down segment “And one day, years from now, you’ll finally have the opportunity to be the man. One day, you’re going to look in the mirror and see the man you’ve always wanted to be. You’re going to think of these moments. And you’re going to thank me.”

Are you effing kidding me!? That was excellent.

And don’t overlook Drew here. He was going to laugh for a moment. If it were a taped spot, he might have cracked. And Roman almost did too.
That’s okay. They were having fun. We all were. And there’s not enough of that with WWE at the moment.

But back to drew, he was awesome as well.

“Please underestimate me. I suggest you use these two final days of peace to prepare for war.”

Goodness gentlemen. This promo runs parallel to the Sasha-Bayley non-material as the best of the year.


Very well done.

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