Lunchtime Playoff Basketball schedule a diss to top seeded Milwaukee Bucks

Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks for playing an exceptional season of stop and go basketball in a bubble and securing the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

For your hard work and dedication your reward is a lunchtime game in the first round where no one will be able to watch you. Including your own fans.

It’s the latest example of anti mid market sentiment against the Bucks. Only this time, it’s a lousy deal for the fans too.

We’re going to be at work. We can’t watch three noon games. And we’ll have to speed home if we want to watch the complete 5PM game.

Meanwhile, the larger markets like your LAs, will get primetime placement even though they didn’t win as many games.

Is that right? No. It’s not.

And this also works the other way too. And when I say that I mean my hometown of Orlando, where Magic fans also won’t be able to watch their team’s games.

The real solution would have been to mix these times up. Offer prime time slots to different teams throughout the first round.

But I guess the NBA execs don’t want Milwaukee and Orlando taking up that 8PM air.

And that’s unfortunate because one of these teams won’t get their chance to shine in front of a national primetime TV audience despite their hard work during this unprecedented year.

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