Major retailers closing for Thanksgiving is about your money, little else

Major big box retailers like Wal Mart and Target are closing for Thanksgiving this year. They’ve said it’s about allowing families to spend the holiday with their loved ones. There may be some truth to that.

But really it’s about your money. The window for generating revenues on the holiday has become so small that it makes little sense to stay open this year.

First, there is the COVID 19 pandemic. Numbers are spiking and mitigating the spread of the virus while inviting out hordes of shoppers flies in the face of each other. Many shoppers are already on nerve having to enter a crowded Wal Mart to get their essentials on a regular day.

Next there is the continued suffocation of Black Friday which leaked into Thanksgiving in the 2000s. More shoppers have moved online to cover their holiday needs and you can expect this trend to continue this year with the pandemic and the increased speed of delivery as retailers continue to add more resources to their digital operations.

Finally, this is just Thanksgiving Day. Many retailers are starting to roll out their specials earlier and earlier and the actual holiday hasn’t been as crowded as it was years ago. It might not actually be worth the trouble for shoppers to leave the dinner table this year.

Yes, it’s a victory for hard working retail workers to enjoy the meal with their families without having to stare at their watch. Thanksgiving hours have ruined the holiday on a couple of occasions in my world.

But the path to your money on the actual holiday just didn’t make enough sense this year.

As for your money and approach to Black Friday this year, it will be different. I’ll have more on that as we learn more and watch the progress of the pandemic. But for now, the “Lone Ninja” approach of one person looking for one item in each store using a single vehicle is still the best way to go.

And if you don’t need anything, or the deal doesn’t offset the trouble you’re taking (as it has been for the last few years) just stay home.

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