Marc Lasry talk with Giannis over supporting cast could save Milwaukee Bucks future

On Monday, the news broke that Milwaukee Bucks Co Owner Marc Lasry had a discussion with his star and two time league MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, over getting the “Greek Freak” some help for a future championship run (story HERE). This after the Bucks were easily defeated by the Miami Heat last week in their playoff series 4-1.

It could be the dialog that saves the future of team.

Now, we don’t know what Lasry and Giannis talked about for sure. It could have been three hours of nothing for all we know.

Or there could have been some names mentioned.

I’ve been vocal about the possibility of bringing Chris Paul to town (story HERE). But maybe the solution isn’t that high profile. They’ve got Giannis and Kris Middleton. Maybe it’s just about bringing in the right role players. Ask LeBron James how important those supporting pieces are.

Either way, this is great news for Bucks fans.

Teams that don’t talk to each other. Teams that operate with little transparency. Teams with no solid plans. They don’t go anywhere.

And they usually play in Philadelphia.

We’ll have to see what this supporting cast looks like. This will lead to some fun speculating and will keep the Bucks in the news cycle, possibly breaking up some of that anti Milwaukee plaque that cynical big market fans insist on perpetuating.

And this brings up a great question. Who should be on that supporting cast the Bucks hope to bring to town?

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