Matt LaFleur comments about Aaron Rodgers being here a “long time” are hopeful but also problematic for Jordan Love

On Sunday afternoon, Green Packers head coach, Matt LaFleur, told reporters about his superbowl champion incumbent quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, “Aaron is our quarterback and I see him here for a really long time” (story HERE).

Those are positive remarks and we shouldn’t be critical about a head coach spreading that positivity. Really, he shouldn’t even be answering questions about the future of one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but some of those pit vipers out there can’t use their availability for anything other than contentious questions we already know the answers to.

But LaFleur should have thought out his response a little better. The Packers moved up to select Jordan Love in the draft this spring and a “long time” paints the organization into a corner when it comes to making future decisions about the quarterback position.

Unlike Rodgers himself who backed up Brett Favre, rookies don’t sit for long anymore. Certainly not for a “long time”. Love’s contemporaries like Joe Burrows and Tua Tagovailoa will like start the season as a starter see action before the halfway mark.

This means the Packers now have to eat the “bad draft pick” buzz or put themselves in a position to contradict themselves if their relationship with Rodgers goes south.

And get ready because this narrative is shaping up to be one of the major storylines for the season. Get ready to see shots of Jordan Love on the sidelines every time the Packers fall behind this year.

That won’t be your fault or mine, it won’t even be the Packers’ fault. It will be those producers in New York or Los Angeles serving up a controversial story to a rabid national audience of QB1 drama lovers.

Luckily the one solution that fixes everything is the only game LaFleur hasn’t won yet. The SuperBowl.

If Green Bay does that, then all of the timelines go out the window. Everyone will be too busy celebrating. And both quarterbacks will have a ring to take with them no matter where they go.

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