Milwaukee Bucks must ignore outside talk of Giannis leaving after playoff run

Talk has been picking up outside of Wisconsin. Basketball fans are already imagining the next team that Giannis Antetokoumnpo will call home. Will it be Dallas? Golden State? How about Miami, who the Bucks are playing right now down in the Orlando bubble (stories HERE, HERE, and HERE)?

Goodness. If it were up to some of these people, Giannis would have just packed up the family and just moved into Disney World until he signed with a new team.

The worst part of this is that it’s an unneeded distraction for a squad that is down 0-1 to a good Heat team and the way the Celtics are playing, the path out of the east gets no easy before potentially running into LeBron in the finals.

This is all being fueled by a base of basketball fans that just don’t want to see the Bucks succeed.

Many of the people already imagining Giannis leaving the Bucks are the same people that are pulling for a messy Aaron Rodgers divorce from the Green Bay Packers. They love that drama more than TNT.

It’s ultimately going to be up to coach, Mike Budenholzer, and Giannis himself to block this talk out and move this team along. It won’t be easy, but it can’t be done.

I can assure you if they can do it, they’ll accomplish one of the most satisfying feelings an athlete or coach can have. Nothing beats beating the haters.

But that’s what the Bucks have to do. And with each win and advancing round, everyone will see that the conversation will soon change.

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