Milwaukee Bucks shouldn’t play Giannis Antetokounmpo on bad ankle down 1-3 to Miami Heat

Don’t do it Mike Budenholzer.

That’s what I was thinking after the Milwaukee Bucks played inspired basketball down 0-3 in their playoff series with the Miami Heat, to steal game four after MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo hurt his ankle and had to leave the game.

And as game five approaches, I know we can’t run Giannis out there on a bad wheel in an effort that might only make the injury worse in a series where victory is still a longshot.

But does the Bucks leadership know that?

Let’s hope they do. This is a pivotal time for the “Greek Freak”. He’s been under fire this entire series for his play against a better Miami Heat team, that has proven big game components like Jimmy Butler and coach Eric Spoelstra that have been here before.

This Milwaukee basketball team should have to prove themselves before risking their star’s future.

They’ve already done it once. Lots of credit to Kris Middleton for being the top ten player we know he can be and scoring 36 points. 21 of those after Giannis left. Then there is Eric Bledsoe and Brooke Lopez also stepping up.

We need to see that once more before risking Giannis’ ankle. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

If you think it is asking too much, I want you to remember Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors last year. They didn’t take it easy with one of the best players on this planet and he’s been out over a year with a bad injury.

Let’s not do that to Giannis. Let’s win one without him and prove we can hang with this Miami Heat team first.

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