Milwaukee Bucks unlikely 23 point comeback win against Miami Heat made their non believers look dumb

Man, oh man, there were a lot of people looking straight up goofy on social media Thursday afternoon. A lot of you jokers completely wrote off the Milwaukee Bucks, not only for the second half of their game against the Miami Heat, but for the rest of the entire NBA season (story HERE).

And then they came back. From 23 points down. I’m sure there were a lot of deleted tweets after that contest.

33 points each from Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton. 17 more from Brook Lopez. They outscored the Heat by 20 in the final frame.

But noooo, before the second half you guys wrote them off.

Don’t feel bad. The truth is that there are still people not taking the Bucks seriously, despite the league’s best record and the number 1 seed in the rapidly improving East.

What is it going to take?

If we’re being honest, it will probably take a ring. Luckily for Milwaukee they understand that as well.

What an unfortunate situation it is that there isn’t a real home court advantage this year. We won’t see this team exploding in front of their own fans. They are ready to win right now.

But you guys aren’t trying to hear that. And that’s okay. Most NBA fans outside of Wisconsin feel the same way.

These Bucks don’t care. They’re going to keep charging against the doubters and those who called the fight too soon like they did today.

It’s okay. Delete the tweets dismissing this team. You know what’s really going on, and so do they.

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