Mitchell Trubisky staves off the career Grim Reaper with opening weekend win against Detroit

What does Mitchell Trubisky say to the career God Of Death?

“Not today”

And so it goes, the embattled starting quarterback, with his replacement suited up on the sidelines ready to go, found it inside him to lead the Chicago Bears to an opening weekend victory over the Detroit Lions 27-23.

With social media goofing him to almost the top of our trends, Trubisky managed to battle for 242 yards while going 20 for 36, with 3 touchdowns and no interceptions.

And it was a comeback victory.

The truth is that Trubisky knows that the fans will be calling for Foles every times something goes wrong this year. They were already doing it in the first half of this game. Foles has a SuperBowl ring. Trubs does not.

Foles has already bailed out a team with a struggling young quarterback in Philadelphia. Mitch is the young quarterback.

Foles has a good relationship with Matt Nagy. #10 does not. At least that we know of.

But there is some good news for Mitchell Trubisky, and that’s the schedule.

The New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons, and Indianapolis Colts are teed up for the Monsters Of The Midway. All winnable games.

If Trubisky can dig down and keep a clear head in the pocket, then maybe, just maybe, he can keep the career Grim Reaper at bay just a little longer and the Chicago Bears can make a real run this year.

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