No, the Green Bay Packers don’t really have a place for Alvin Kamara

The New Orleans Saints are reportedly interested in trading their star running back, Alvin Kamara, after contract talks have gotten contentious. Naturally, a talent like Kamara that can both catch and run out of the backfield will get GMs around the NFL at least considering a workable deal.

Green Bay Packers General Manager, Brian Gutekunst, should not be one of them.

While quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Packers fans all over the country are starving for offensive weapons that can get them to another Lombardi trophy, Kamara isn’t a good fit.

They’ve already got Aaron Jones, a proven back that is still hungry to convince folks that he belongs in the conversation with some of the other great backs in the league. And they’ve already made their future Hall of Fame quarterback uncomfortable by drafting Jordan Love. They don’t need to repeat that decision at another skilled position.

Not that coach, Matt LaFleur, couldn’t do something with a two back set like Jones and freaking Alvin Kamara. But the Pack need wide receivers to get that ball down the field. They’ve got DeVante Adams. And well, that’s it as far as notable players at the positions.

Then there some possible good news for the Packers with the Kamara drama down in the Big Easy. None of the other NFC North teams will likely end up with him either. The Vikings have Dalvin Cook. The Bears have Tarik Cohen. The Lions would love to have Kamara but they’re more than just a running back away from winning.

It would be great if they Packers could get Kamara out of the NFC completely.

But we do know that Alvin Kamara doesn’t fit in Green Bay. It’s too bad the Saints aren’t shopping Michael Thomas.

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