Of course Ellen’s apology wasn’t going to be good enough to satisfy the cancel culture trolls

On Monday afternoon, Ellen Degeneres, kicked off the latest season of her daytime talk program to address accusations over a toxic workplace behind the scenes at her show (story HERE).

She basically owned up to all of it.

But for the online trolls out there, it wasn’t enough. I’m not sure what they wanted. They never pointed that out. There were only more insults, more calls for her to disappear, and more nonsense that is exactly what cancel culture is all about.

It was some high level hating.

The truth is that the most important part of this entire process was the admission and the apology.

These parasites online are always so thirsty for blood, so hungry for a killshot that will send a celebrity off into Hollywood oblivion.

Their lives are that small. They can only say nasty things through social media burner accounts.


Now, Ellen herself probably wouldn’t approve of this post, but the truth is that it’s gotten so bad out there that if we too often choose to endure hateful behavior, then the opportunity to educate and encourage others to be better will be lost.

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