Pat Beverly culture is why the Los Angeles Clippers collapsed to the Denver Nuggets

If you’ve ever played a competitive game in your life, you’ve encountered a Pat Beverly. All hat. No cattle. He or she can talk but they can’t deliver. When they can’t deliver they’ll hide behind others who are better than they are.

That is what happened to the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night, when they officially blew a 3-1 playoff lead to the Denver Nuggets to lose the series. There will be no battle for Los Angeles. The Lakers are the lone “La La Land” team in the Western Conference Finals.

This is because the Clippers decided to act like children and set the sports gods against them.

They clowned Damian Lillard because he missed some free throws (story HERE).

They couldn’t find an answer for Luka Doncic, so they hurt him (story HERE).

If it wasn’t for Doc Rivers and Kawhi Leonard, both first class warriors, then they would have belonged in the basketball dumpster. And there is solace that those warriors already have championship rings.

Under no circumstance should we feel bad for the rest.

But hey, if you’re from Los Angeles, you’ve still got the Lakers and they should be feeling pretty good right now. I don’t think any of the three teams left can turn away Anthony Davis and LBJ.

You might get your virtual parade yet.

But when it comes to the Clippers, let it go. They weren’t worthy enough to win a championship and in the end, they also weren’t good enough.

And under no circumstance should we feel bad about that.

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