President Donald Trump fences with moderator for majority of NBC Town Hall

President Donald Trump was on the defensive for the majority of the NBC Town Hall held in Miami and hosted by Savannah Guthrie on Thursday night. The most contentious moments of the discussion took place between those two throughout the entirety of the event.

The event was taking place at the same time that Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden was on ABC with his own town hall taking place from Philadelphia.

Guthrie challenged the President on issues such as wearing a mask during the Coronavirus pandemic, denouncing white supremacy and other radical groups, and a peaceful transition after the election.

Several times during the discussion the two would interrupt each other with the President being critical of reporting at NBC and Guthrie focusing on issues such as Trump’s taxes.

There were questions from guests attending both physically and virtually but the questions lead to more tense back and forth between Trump and Guthrie.

President Trump spoke out against NBC at a rally earlier in the day in North Carolina, stating that he was walking into a “trap”. NBC also became the center of controversy with some of it’s viewers critical of the network for hosting the event to begin with.

The dueling town halls took the place of the what was supposed to be a second debate between Trump and Biden. There was a disagreement between the campaigns over the proposed virtual format of the debate after a disastrous first meeting and the President’s COVID 19 diagnosis.

Biden’s experience on ABC was much more friendlier with the former Vice President fielding mostly uncontested questions on issues he’s discussed on the stump many times before (story HERE).

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