Remembering Regis Philbin, the first talk show personality of my time

Regis Philbin is gone. Boy, did he make the most of his 88 years on this earth.

Part of that time included the 80s. As a latch key kid during the period, my daytime babysitter was the television and Regis and Kathy Lee had their shift along with Alex Trebek, Mr. Rogers, Scrooge McDuck, and many others. Regis managed to keep this kid entertained every time he was on.

It was his takes on college football, movies, pop culture, and so many other things, along with the dialog with his co host and the many stars he interviewed that kept me engaged. I was too young to stay up for late night TV so this was an important component of being educated on many of the things I talk about today.

The older generation will remember him from his classic work. The younger generation will recall “Millionaire”. The truth is that it was all good.

Thank you, Regis Philbin. Rest in peace.

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