Remembering Wilford Brimley 1934-2020

We lost actor Wilford Brimley on Saturday night. Brimley, who was known for his work as a Quaker Oats spokesman and films like “The Natural” and “Cocoon” was a regular fixture on TVs in the 80s and 90s.

It’s wasn’t his most high profile role, but I’ll remember Brimley as quiet but dangerous Bill DeVasher in “The Firm”. He was the soft spoken, inside security point for the menacing law firm that terrorized Tom Cruise’s Mitch McDeere in the John Grisham classic. In an era of over the top bad guys, someone calmly threatening you the way he did in that film just stuck with me. It’s just one role in a great list of work.

Wilford Brimley was 85.

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