The Lorenzo Cain Opt-Out shows a growing lack of faith from players in the handling of COVID safety by MLB

On Saturday, the Milwaukee Brewers announced that outfielder Lorenzo Cain was opting out of the rest of the shortened MLB season. This after games against the St. Louis Cardinals were cancelled after members of their organization tested positive for COVID 19.

This is about protecting Cain’s family, but there is another message that has to come attached.

He doesn’t believe Major League Baseball can keep him safe. And he’s not alone.

There is a growing sentiment among the players that this arrangement isn’t working. Yesterday, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said the season was “in danger”. That’s coming from the top.

In hindsight a bubble arrangement would have been better. The NBA is having early success down in Orlando with zero cases. And make no mistake, NFL and College Football are both watching to see what works and what doesn’t.

Which players will be next? There will be more.

While health comes before the game, the Brewers are 3-3 and this loss will hurt. While we’re all hungry for baseball, these positive cases will also hurt competition which affects the morale of players and fans. It won’t be long before they’re all asking themselves what they’re doing here.

This season is in danger and we’re getting our first dose of that reality with one of the Brewers making this important decision.

On a positive note. Good for the Brewers for standing behind their guy here.

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