The rescheduled fireworks in Howard threw everyone off in Green Bay on Sunday night

Well, no one can say Howard can’t put on a fireworks show.

That was the talk around town on Sunday evening, when much of the greater Green Bay area was caught off guard by some unidentified rumbling coming from outside of their homes.

People took to social media to ask their neighbors what the fuss was about.

It turns out that the fireworks were from Howard. it was a make up event from the fireworks show lost on the Fourth Of July because of the stay at home order caused by the Coronavirus pandemic (link HERE).

According to the Green Bay discussion page on Facebook (link HERE). Some thought it was thunder. Others suspected it may very well be fireworks.

Myself? I thought it was my neighbor choosing a very poor time to rearrange his furniture.

Still, it’s good that Howard got to do some celebrating on this holiday weekend, especially to celebrate the fourth. An occasion that was lost to many of us under these circumstances.

And it gave the Green Bay area something to talk about for Labor Day.

Have a great holiday everyone.

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