TV Comedy “Mom” shouldn’t be continuing without Anna Faris

On Friday, word came down that Anna Faris, one half of the excellent duo of CBS’ “Mom” will not be returning to the program after seven years (story HERE).

If you’re familiar with the program, you know that losing Christy is a big deal. If you’re not familiar with the show, it would be like continuing “Seinfeld” after losing one of the big four, or continuing “Friends” after losing, well, a friend.

While the program still has the wonderful and Academy Award Winning, Allison Janney ande there isn’t an acting job I where I wouldn’t want “C.J Cregg” on my team, I am left with a question.

What else is there left for this program to do?

We’re moving into the eight season of the show, and while the program is still funny, we are getting to that point where the remote might tend to wander. “Mom” is also now a regular staple on weeknight syndication, and the easy availability of the program for free doesn’t help it’s case.

We’ll see how they do, but the eighth season might be time to call it

In the meanwhile, I’m looking forward to see what Faris will be doing next. Hard to believe she has already had us laughing for 20 years since “Scary Movie” and her involvement in a project is always a plus for me.

I’ll also be wishing a good future for the remainder of “Mom”. CBS has certainly been successful over the last decade or so with it’s sitcom developments and controversy, let’s hope these events don’t spoil the ongoing story of this funny show.

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