We have loved Charles Barkley straight talk for decades, but you still try to cancel him when you don’t agree

For over 30 years, two of Charles Barkley’s skills have gotten him to the top of the sports and entertainment industries.

Hall Of Fame Basketball ability and projecting a larger than life personality.

Let’s talk about that second one for a couple of minutes.

We love Charles Barkley for always telling us how it is. We tune into Inside The NBA every night to hear him spar with Shaquille O’Neal for that very reason.

But there is a sensitive crowd that is so quick to cancel him whenever he says something they don’t like.

They did it in the 90s, when he told America in one of the most controversial commercials of all time that parents should be role models for their children.

Well, he most likely succeeded with his statement because many of the people he offended back then that took exception to his remarks, likely have kids who are upset at him now for his Thursday night remarks. That’s being a role model. I guess.

And I’m talking his comments regarding the case of the Breonna Taylor decision, where officials chose not to prosecute the police officers involved.

Barkley, said on Thursday night that he didn’t agree with the opinions of many of the protesters that the police should be de-funded and abolished.

That was it.

Because he’s Charles Barkley, he said it in his own blunt fashion, and that hurt a lot of feelings on social media. I’m talking about people that have probably never called a voter or gone knocking on doors for a candidate. He hurt their feelings.

This continues the trend that we’ve seen in 2020 that if you don’t agree with every single thing a celebrity says or does then they are worthless to you and they will feel your wrath of words on a computer screen.

And they expect that to effect Charles freaking Barkley?

The truth is that many of the same people will tune into Inside The NBA tonight or tomorrow to watch Charles and in a month will have forgotten all about it. They lack that kind of direction and conviction.

Charles Barkley is successful because he’s able to deliver information and opinions that are one of the few real things left on TV. He’s been doing it for decades.

Don’t ask him to change now.

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