We’re not sure who the Chicago Bears QB will be by the time they play the Green Bay Packers

The Chicago Bears have a puzzling quarterback controversy.

On Friday, Chicago announced that embattled incumbent starter, Mitchell Trubisky, will be the starter for week 1 against the Detroit Lions.

This despite the fact that the Bears acquired SuperBowl winning play caller, Nick Foles, during the off season. Foles was the betting favorite to take the job because of his relationship with coach Matt Nagy and the price tag he brought with him to the Windy City.

What are the odds Trubisky will be the quarterback by the time the Bears play the Packers in Week 12? We don’t know.

The truth is that there are potentially jobs on the line this year if Trubisky doesn’t deliver, and if that reluctance to put Foles in, ends up costing the Bears a playoff run.

This is great news for Green Bay. A compromised offense in Chicago, and a lack of foundation in Detroit only puts Aaron Rodgers and company closer to the NFC North title.

The Minnesota Vikings are still there, but their quarterback doesn’t care about the Coronavirus (story HERE).

Stability at quarterback is so important. You guys know that. Even the illusion of conflict was enough to set Green Bay off. Look at the Jordan Love pick and the drama the rest of the football world is still trying to dig up.

Aaron Rodgers is QB1. The Bears aren’t sure who their quarterback is, really.

By the time week 12 rolls around, who will it be? Mitchell Trubisky? Nick Foles?

I’ll do you guys one better. Neither of them.

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