We’ve all been a defaulted Novak Djokovic at the U.S Open, and you know it

If you happen to miss the bizarre turn of events at the U.S Open on Sunday, you would have seen the best tennis player in the world thrown out of tournament because he lost his temper.

Novak Djokovic was having a bad go at it during a match, when he smacked a ball out of a frustration.

That ball hit a line judge and he was defaulted or tennis-ejected (story HERE).

Djokovic felt terrible and has already apologized. But face it. We’ve all been there before.

Baseball players chuck bats after striking out. Basketball players throw jerseys into the stands after getting ejected. Football players slam helmets on benches for bad penalties.

That’s human anger. You can tout “happy places” and controlled breathing all you want. These are instincts. That’s why the F-word exists.

The problem here is that someone got hurt and that’s where venting goes too far. We can’t allow that to happen.

I suppose U.S Open officials made the right call. They likely sabotaged their own contest in the process but hey, rules are rules.

The important hypothetical question here is how would a crowd have reacted? They likely would have booed the entire scenario. That’s not a good experience.

Because of the Coronavirus, we’ll never know, but I digress.

But what we do have at the end of the day is another weird exit from a grand slam for the heavy favorite.

And it’s not because of poor play. It’s because of a human instinct we’re all capable of.

Next time you slam a door. Curse after a crap time at work. Scribble furiously at some bad numbers.

Remember, it’s likely the same way Novak Djokovic felt when he got ejected at the U.S Open.

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