With Devin Funchess opting-out, Green Bay Packers will have to get creative on offense

On Tuesday, Green Bay Packers wide receiver, Devin Funchess, opted-out of the NFL season because of COVID 19 concerns (story HERE).

That’s problematic, because as I’m sure you know the Packers don’t have many proven wide receivers outside of DeVante Adams, and Funchess leaving means that coach Matt LaFleur will have to get more creative on offense.

It also means more collaboration with his quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and filling a need that should have been filled long ago. It’s a pressure point that could get real sensitive, real fast, if the Packers get off to a slow start.

But all is not lost. It never really is when you have Rodgers, Adams, and running back Aaron Jones healthy. There are still many teams in the league that would love to have any of those components in their offense. Heck, look no further than the Lions and Bears in our very own division where they’re arguably not as deep as the Packers right now after the Funchess decision.

What it will mean is younger receivers stepping up. More passes to tight ends. More plays out of the backfield. These are all things Rodgers and LaFleur can make happen.

And if it doesn’t, there is always a deal that can be made.

Maybe they could give Antonio Brown a call.

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