With Jeannie Mai sadly gone from Dancing With The Stars, here is who I’m rooting for next

Bad news from Dancing With The Stars on Monday morning, when it was announced that Jeannie Mai, host of “The Real” was hospitalized with a serious illness and would have to leave the competition.

Here is wishing Mai a fast recovery and healthier and brighter days for her and Jeezy.

Mai was also my favorite, so I was sad to see her go. She got me on her side with her “Up” inspired performance on Disney Night.

So now, the question. Who do I root for next?

Well, I like competitors that have been with me a while and no one in this contest has been with me as long as Nelly.

“Country Grammar” “Ride wit me” “EI” all of it was part of my soundtrack of partying around the globe in the early 2000s, plus he proved he could score well with his Freddy Krueger inspired villain performance last week.

Nelly it is.

One note on the show. We’re now only going to have one elimination on tonight’s show. That could create some down time for show runners, but on the plus side, it likely means we won’t have a rushed elimination which has angered viewers in previous weeks.

Get well, Jeannie!

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