Bernie Sanders as Dem nominee would swing Seminole County red, tighten margin of victory in Orange

With his big victory at the Nevada caucus over the weekend, Bernie Sanders moved a step closer to Democratic nomination for president. If he does indeed become the nominee, he would shake up what was otherwise considered to be a stagnant down ballot situation in the tri-county, greater Orlando area.

Seminole County would swing back over to the red. Yes, I know that Andrew Gillum, a Bernie guy himself, was successful there, but there would be much more GOP enthusiasm with Trump on the ballot. And the narrative highlighting Sanders’ identification as a Democratic Socialist would be on the minds of middle class Seminole voters who aren’t doing too bad right now. They’d vote with their wallet. If Hillary Clinton’s decades of name ID and moderate reputation couldn’t beat Trump east of Maitland, I don’t think Bernie would have much luck either.

In Orange County, the area should still stay predominantly blue, but the margins of victory would be smaller. Most of the incumbents would survive, however the fear factor of a Sanders presidency would get Republicans out of the house and would maximize turnout in what few red areas remain. I suppose the good news for Democrats on the ballot would be that they could spend more time on their own campaigns instead of rushing to events for Sanders.

Nothing would change in Hispanic majority Osceola County. They love Bernie down there.

This is all just a preview and there still is a chance someone could step up and make this Democratic primary interesting. It’s not too likely, but there still is a chance.

All of this would take place in Orlando, the place where the DNC rejected many of Bernie’s positions during their platform meeting back in 2016 at a messy couple of days in the tourism district.

If the party gets involved to try to derail the Bernie train, expect all of that bad blood to come back.

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