Bernie Sanders hasn’t worked hard enough to earn support from Orlando Democrats

Vermont Senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders was supposed to be in Orlando this week, but the union forum he was scheduled to participate in was canceled because of the Corona virus.

That’s unfortunate for both Sanders and his supporters.

This is because the Democratic socialist hasn’t been to Orlando during his current campaign for President, and during his 2016 run he only made time for one mid day rally in Kissimmee.

His current rival, former Vice President, Joe Biden, is a regular visitor to the region. This would have been his third trip to Orlando during his current campaign, and we’re still not counting the number of trips he’s been here supporting other candidates.

And the Biden campaign had a major presence here in the “Heart of the I4 Corridor” on Saturday, with Jill Biden stopping in for multiple events with Orlando Democrats, including a meeting with African-American supporters and speaking at the LGBTQ caucus dinner on Saturday night.

You guys hear that? Jill Biden has done more work in one night here in Orlando, than Bernie Sanders has done during his entire campaign.

One thing Bernie Sanders has done is to continue to condone the abusive behavior on social media from his more radical followers.

They’ll attack you for not fully buying into their candidate’s beliefs and then stand completely shocked when he doesn’t win a state primary.

Even Donald Trump has more of a relationship with Central Florida than Bernie does. He’s scheduled for a fundraiser in Seminole County today, and he kicked off his reelection campaign downtown last summer.

Ask yourself an honest question, “Has Bernie done enough to demonstrate that he cares about Orlando?”.

The answer is no.

Perhaps he’s written off the state. If not, he should still get a visit in before we go to the polls next week.

Because right now, he doesn’t deserve Orlando’s support.

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