CNN Detroit Debate preview part II: Joe Biden needs to use his work with Barack Obama more

On night two, we’ll get what many are calling “The Rematch” between former Vice President Joe Biden and California Senator Kamala Harris. Unlike their first talent heavy debate, the two will be the only top five polling candidates on stage on Wednesday night. Harris was the decisive winner during that debate, charging Biden for policies earlier in his career.

Biden is still the front runner, but that lead has slipped anywhere between 5 and 10 points depending on which polls you’re looking at.

It’s time for Joe Biden to use his work with President Barack Obama more.

While he’s been Obamacare’s biggest defender so far in the contest, he hasn’t touched on other issues he’s worked during his time in the Oval Office.

The elimination of Osama Bin Laden. A strong push towards more environmentally friendly policies. A better working relationship with allies from around the world. Those are just some.

It would also help if Biden debated a little more like Obama. While the latter did have some bad nights against Romney in 12′ and Clinton in 08′, history illustrates that he took his bumps on stage in a fashion that didn’t cause him to lose support.

One of Biden’s weakest points in his first debate was his willingness to surrender time on his answers because he second guessed himself in the middle of his response. He simply can’t do that anymore. There are 9 other candidates on that stage who are fighting for their presidential lives, Biden must take as much air time as possible. You’re not always going to be able to be everything to everyone.

If Biden decides to leave Obama out of the conversation tomorrow, it could be for a couple of reasons. Perhaps the he was asked not to use his work with the President, (the former First Lady has said they’ll support whoever wins the primary), maybe his consultants believe the name dropping will hurt him, its also possible that he just wants to do by himself.

He doesn’t have that luxury. Believe this, it’s because of his eight years as vice president that he enjoys the lead he holds today. He can’t let that slip away.

Be sure to check out part one of my Detroit debate preview HERE, and be sure to watch Spectrum News 13 on Wednesday and Thursday for my post debate analysis.

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