Common sense and common ground are keys to early Ron DeSantis popularity

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has earned himself a spot as one of the top ten most popular governors in America, with a 57% approval rating since taking office (story HERE).

He’s accomplished this by doing something almost unheard of in today’s political climate. Using common sense on simple matters, and finding common ground with Democrats where he can find some.

I’m not joking. Try and find that kind of cooperation in Washington.

Let’s look at his first couple of months in office. He’s been a pro environment governor that has pushed for action to preserve the everglades and other natural resources around the state.

He gave the state legislature an ultimatum to act on medical marijuana laws that were approved in a landslide by Florida voters in 2016.

The governor has been a vocal advocate of the space coast by creating an environment where jobs can be developed and the industry of the future can thrive.

He’s taken initiatives like improving opportunities for students with special needs, recruiting companies like Amazon to come to the state, and pardoning the Groveland four in a decision that should have been made a long time ago.

It’s not that hard when you think about it.

The Governor also hasn’t abandoned his base. He’s still a visible supporter of the President and still pushes a small government, free market philosophy. I’ve followed DeSantis since he was first elected to congress in 2012 in the 6th district. He’s the same guy.

When you do these kinds of things, you don’t provide a lot of openings for critics. Of course, there will always be those who are either politically motivated or financially compensated to ensure he fails, but in the eyes Floridians, he’s doing okay.

Better than most of the other governors in the country anyways.

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