Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the only candidates planning for a Florida fight next year

Donald Trump is coming back to Florida. Again (story HERE).

The news comes the day after Joe Biden was in town (story HERE).

For Trump, the December fundraiser will be his third trip to the “Heart of the I4 Corridor” since June. For Biden it was his second.

These are the only two candidates that are planning for a Florida fight next year.

Yeah, I know Mayor Pete was here for a rally earlier but no other candidate has been investing in what is the biggest political battleground in the country next year.

And the battlefield is investing back, these two candidates are picking up checks while they’re here too.

For the other Democratic candidates, it will haunt them. They’ll have a cold and standing start while these two will have years of name ID in addition to an established presence.

One could argue that Donald Trump has a slight edge in the state right now. The state economy is doing well. Here in Orlando we have an affordable housing crisis and low wages, but local politicians are still popular despite that.

Another could argue that the state is Biden’s to win. The state’s shifting demographics favor him and the President isn’t doing himself any favors with the ongoing controversies in Washington.

As for the other 15 or so candidates running? They’re only concerned with surviving.

After a heart attack, survival was very real for Bernie and he still makes the party nervous. Warren is all about Iowa and New Hampshire right now. Everyone else has the jumper cables out and are trying to jolt the excitement back into their campaigns.

Biden and Trump are the only two fighters in our arena at the moment.

On one side that could change. Warren could overtake Biden in the polls or someone else could hit the right tone with voters and jump into contention.

On the other side, Trump is obviously the guy for Republicans. Both with the rural grassroots that won him the state in 2016 and the establishment GOP that seems to have lost the ability to name an event without “Trump” in the title.

In a year from now it will be chaos and we won’t be able to avoid political advertisements. I suppose we should appreciate the quiet now.

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